Design of High End Speaker-Amplifier combinations

From source to the perception of sound through the human hearing system. That is what should be considered when developing high performance audio equipment.

foto of bass amplifier, click for larger view
In this website many topics are discussed which are of interest for audio enthusiasts. The site covers and discusses the range from source to hearing through an amplifier system. The topic "source" and "audio perception" provides general information on the background of cd and hearing perception. These are of interest for anyone who is curious to know a bit more about these topics.

The amplifier and speaker sections are of interest for anybody who is interested in the amplifier speaker combinations that are built. Here, some of the pages require some understanding of electronics and physics. 

This site is intended to be informative for those people who like to understand the audio chain. The speakers and amplifiers are built as prototypes and interesting reading for DIY people but also for any other audio enthusiast. The active filters or crossovers are discussed thoroughly and emphasize the high end audio character of Logt Audio. The photos of the speakers and subwoofers give an impression of the final results.

Build on this knowledge and experience, matched speaker-amplifier combinations are developed. In fact, for true audio perception there can only be one good match for a typical speaker and amplifier.   

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More information on these designs can be obtained by sending an e-mail to: info@logtaudio.nl

Active speaker design


Active filters and speaker combinations are matched. 
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VFD display
The filters and amplifiers are controlled by an MCU.
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