The Amplifier

The amplifier is designed to match the acoustic parameters of the speakers used in the foto of power amplifier with MCU, click for larger viewcombination. The attention paid to this matching allows a good definition for audiophile sound reproduction. The total amplifier setup contains several power amplifiers (integrated and discrete) but also the control through a separate pre-amplifier.
The concept is based on active filtering of each speaker in the total system.

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Block diagram of amplifier with speakers

The incoming audio signal (i.e. CD-player) is processed through audio opamps. The amplifier incorporates a four input selector. After the selection, the audio signal is processed through the volume and balance controller. Then, the signal is feeded towards the electronic filters where a summed signal is used for the bass filter response. The bass filter exists of multiple filters including a bass correction network. The actual stereo signal is used for the satellite speakers where a two-speaker system is used. Each speaker is filtered electronically.

The remainder of this section discusses the analog amplifier stages, MCU + software and the power amplifier.

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Active filters and speaker combinations are matched. 
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VFD display
The filters and amplifiers are controlled by an MCU.
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