Design of High End Speaker-Amplifier combinations

High end audio components are widely available from the commercial market. If you have to believe many of these vendors, then exotic design, special cables and heavy weight are setting the standard for high end audio systems. Consequently, the price customers have to pay for amplifiers, pre amplifiers and speakers are not rarely in the exotic range, also.

LogtAudio aims to provide high end solutions for audiophile music listening without the overdimensioned design loads which often characterize and are commonly used in the high end area. The designs of LogtAudio stands for the best signal amplification in combination with perfect acoustic sound reproduction without compromising the audiophile quality. This website brings a fair comparison of commonly used high end design aspects to the real world of human audio perception and psychoacoustics. From this knowledge, speakers and amplifiers are developed which are perfectly matched together. Commonly used high end design features are not implemented unless valid from an engineering, audiological or (psycho)acoustical point of view.

As all audiophiles most likely agree on, high end music perception deals with the emotion and thrills that your favourite music brings to you, the feeling of being with the artist. The reality of this experience is largely determined by the correct perception of every sound and pitch in the music. For this to happen excellent speaker amplifier combinations are required.

Status of LogtAudio

The name LogtAudio is currently used to identify the designs and theoretical backgrounds given in this website. There is currently no commercial link with the name. If you have an interest in any of the information or designs given in this website, please contact the author by e-mail.

About the author

The author of this website also built the components described in it. He has a strong interest in acoustics and audio engineering and has been building speakers and amplifiers for many years now. 

The author has a M.Sc. degree in Applied Physics from the University of Technology Eindhoven, The Netherlands with specialisation in semiconductor physics.
The author worked in acoustics and audio engineering as well as in medical technology with respect to hearing aids. In the past years the author has been active in the semiconductor industry where he worked on analog and digital IC design. The author is  one of the founders of D4T Systems B.V. The application areas of interest are consumer products and automotive products.

Active speaker design


Active filters and speaker combinations are matched. 
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VFD display
The filters and amplifiers are controlled by an MCU.
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