Design of the speakers

The audio set is combined with speakers specificly designed to work with the electronic filters. It uses a separate subwoofer and two full range speakers for the left and right channphoto of satellite unitel (satellites).

It must be noticed that all work for designing the crossovers is focused on matching the speakers together. All that is said in the filter section applies directly to the building of these speakers.
This section section only provides some more details and pictures on the actual result; the speakers. Important here is the difference between the electrical phase and the acoustical phase. The latter is corrected for in a mechanical manner i.e. by putting the tweeters not directly on the baffle.

The system consist of one bass speaker which covers the range till 90Hz. This is sufficient for not loosing any stereo information. In literature this is sometimes doubted. Some researchers claim that also bass can create a stereo image. However, others claim that this has no audible impact. Placing the subwoofer close to one of the sattelite speakers does give the impression that more bass is coming from one speaker. This an audiological effect caused by energy build up at a specific side (left or right) of the head.
The satellite units are full range speakers and, as such, are build as floor standing speakers with as small as possible front to avoid high frequency reflections on the front. It consists of a two-way speaker system, sufficient for producing the bass that it should produce and holding the advantages of a two speaker system (less interference at the crossover frequencies). The fundamental bass is reproduced by the subwoofer anyway.


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